YAFI Tax Preparation & Lifestyle Benefits


All of our Licensed Tax Consultants will not only complete your general tax returns, but we also provide you with unlimited Financial Counseling for all other areas of concern. We cover all financial subjects. We further work with financial course producers, who may want to extend their live support.

We address all areas with equal importance. We have multiple specialist that will best fill you needs. Including, budgeting, banking, tax benefits, real estate, insurance, retirement planning, credit and credit repair, trust accounts, and much more. We are available “LIVE” from 7am-7pm EST.

Now, when going to the grocery store, shopping online, or instore, you’ll have Discounts and Cash-Back options for many of the top brands and retailers available. Furthermore, we include access to many free-to-deeply discounted Streaming Services, which will help you save, or even eliminate your cable bill. Plus, receive a 3, 5, or 7-Night Vacation Stay of over 150 destinations.  Aso, includes 60-day of access to your 24/7 “LIVE” Personal Assistant service. 

We are excited to announce a live 8-week online entrepreneur training sessions for all participating YAFI Wealth “LIVE” Tax Preparation members. This training will cover a variety of topics including starting a business, business credit, funding for your business, learning about affiliate opportunities, and discovering useful business tools. This training is a unique benefit of using our tax service and is designed to empower our clients to take their entrepreneurial goals to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, this training will provide valuable insights and knowledge to help you succeed. We look forward to helping you achieve your business aspirations!


Special Instruction

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